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Compass can be run in any Java compatible platform.

Clients all around the world

We have implanted our solution in clients who reside from Latin America to Eastern Europe.

Graphic Interface

Through our intuitive graphic interface, you will be able to manage your warehouse just by clicking.

Powerful tool

We have developed Compass learning from our experience working with the biggest warehouses and we have done it accessible to the little ones.

Design your warehouse map

You will be able to design through a graphic interface your warehouse map.

Once you have it ready, Compass will be able to optimize and organise all the warehouse operators' tasks. You will be done to relax and enjoy the good performance while everything works as designed to.

Our numbers

+26 yearsExperience

Why choose Compass?

From Adaia's creator

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Pedro Puig

Use the whole Compass' power, just add Plugins to your installation by clicking...

When you install Compass, you have the possibility to add Plugins which give you extra functionality. To install them is as easy as adding them to your Plugins library and activating them next time you run Compass.

You can install them all or just activate several, always according to your needs in every moment.

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